About Catriona Madill

Catriona Madill usually devotes her time to solving problems, sometimes with technology, but here she is devoted to the beauty of stories, language, and goofballiery.

Reflections on love

Be kind to yourself and those you love. Be your best self. Forgive yourself when you are not. Share your failures with those you love. Assume the best of the other person. Share yourself and your ideas; listen and encourage … Continue reading

Baltar gets served

Baltar grabbed two beers from the dirty red plastic cooler and walked calmly across the lumpy lawn towards the adults clustered around some lawn furniture. None of them looked in his direction, but I could see several of them assessing … Continue reading

Death to Baltar

Baltar first came to my attention when I was 12 and looking for the bathroom. He gave me directions out the backdoor of the restaurant instead to the restrooms, and I ended up peeing behind a dumpster. Since we were … Continue reading

Hidden Station

I work in the Grand Terminal, doing a little bit of everything. My favorite part of my job is taking visitors on tours of the station; my least favorite is doing maintenance in the oldest sections. You’d think with my love of this place that I would find nothing more delightful than tinkering in the hidden parts of the Grand Terminal. But no, I do not like being alone in the terminal. Not at all. Continue reading